Why choose Russ'?

Russ Auto Wash "shield"

A complete surface protectant and shine.

Hot Air Dryers!

Our dryers will dry your car and prevent spotting.


Oversized Vehicles!

We can wash mini-vans, pick-ups and SUV's up to 89" with no extra charge.

Wash Books

"Express" Wash Book: Buy 4, get 1 free
"Works" Wash Book: Buy 3, get 2 free

We Guarantee It!

You must be satisfied, or we will re-wash your car for free!

Our People

Our customers comment on the friendliness and professionalism of our employees.

No Brushes

Safe for your vehicle! No marks. No dull-finish.

The Soap!

We use high quality solutions. They are safe for your vehicle and safe for the environment too.

We clean where you can't

Harsh dirt and road salt have no place to hide. Our chassis bath washes the underside of your vehicle.

We Know Rims!

We have special solutions and high pressure to make your wheels sparkle.